Goods and services are so-called non-media products, for example a page on a site that is temporary such as a competition or survey. A non-media product may not need inventory and to be able to include the product in a regular impression based order a non-media product is created. This product is then booked like any other product and becomes an order item entry in the order.

  1. Click Product and Media Administration in the Quick Launch menu
  2. Click the Products/Agreements/Financial tab and then click the Good And Services tab.
  3. Click Add product.

  1. In the Project field enter an Account project name and then press the Tab key.
  2. Click Save.

Note: The non-media product is searchable and can be added in the Inventory (Heatmap) panel. It is good practice to verify the status of recently made settings and updates. Using the Tab key to navigate among table fields is in some cases necessary in order for the field changes to have effect after saving.

By repeating the steps above any number of non-media products can be created.

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