In order to create a complete campaign, ads or creative units must be assigned to the campaign. An order containing campaigns without ads will be marked Pending in search results, as well as in the personal Scorecard panel. Pending ad assets are administrated in the Assignment panel.

Opening the Creatives View


  1. Select a confirmed order using the Global seeker or from the Scorecard.
  2. Double-click the order to open it.


This will open the order and display the Creatives view



Adding ad assets

  1. Drag and drop the rich media file to the Assets area or click the Upload file button and add the rich media file.




  1. Click on the Preview Icon 


This action will display a preview of the current creative unit.



  1. Click the Order Item and then the Order Ad to expend the item. Click on the Ad Component.
  2. Click on the Assign Arrow from assets area on the image you want to assign.

This action will add the desired ad to the Ad Component

5. Select the desired Template type from the top-right dropdown for example the FlashStandard menu or leave the default setting.

6. Select the {CLICKURL} field and enter appropriate information.


In order to add a back-up file do the following:

  1. Click on the Order Item and then on the Order Ad to expand the items.
  2. Click the Add Fallback
  3. Drag and drop the back-up file to the Assets area or click  the Upload File button and add the back-up file.
  4. Click the Assign arrow from the assets area on the back-up file 



5. Select the {CLICKURL} field and enter appropriate information. This will be the URL that you would like to redirect to on click.  



Note: It is important that the back-up file has a lower priority than the rich media / primary ad asset. Always verify that the set priorities are correct.

6.  If additional targeting and frequency capping is required use the Targeting and Frequency Capping headings.



Running an assignment will also start the campaign that the assignment is associated to. A running assignment is indicated by a Run icon . The assignment can be paused by clicking on it once, which then toggles to a Pause icon  in the very same way.

7. Click Save .

Note: It may take a moment before the run icon appears.


Adding assignments


  1. Locate the Assignments area and click Add Ad.



This action will add a new assignment item. By repeating the steps as described in Adding ad assets above any number of ad assets can be added to the created assignments.

Removing Assets

  1. Locate the Ad Component  where the desired Asset is assigned.
  2. Click Remove.



This action will remove the Asset

3. Click Save  in the order panel on the upper left side of the workspace.


When all the campaigns in the order have had their ad assets assigned to them, the order is then complete and the campaign will run according to schedule. There may be additional requirements on the campaigns, for example adding supplementary tracking scripts, targeting, frequency or accelerated delivery mode. If you need to set additional ad asset values please read Setting ad asset properties.

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