A Publisher is a Company or Person who owns one or several Media and who is to receive
the Media Revenue Share derived from advertising sold onto this Media.


A Media is a Site, Publication, Application or other advertising carrying entity.
A Media is associated to an owenr, ie. Publisher.


A Zone is a sub-section or sub area of a Media. A Zone contains children Zones or Zone Leaves.

Zone Leaf

A Zone Leaf is the bottom level in a mediaZone hierarchy. The Zone Leaf holds inventory counters.

Media Zone

Is the hierarchy path for a given Zone Leaf including all parent Zones and their Media.
Example: A Sub-section Football of the Section Sport of a Media called Site reads:
mediaZone = “”
There is no technical limitation to the number of levels in the mediaZone hierarchy.


A Space is the name given to a placement where an Ad-Product is to be displayed.

Page Layout

A Page Layout is the name given to a Template specifying which Spaces are present on a given page (ad-server call)
and the number of occurrences each Space has.

Example: A Media (Site) has a standard layout for most of it pages where 3 ads are present, Big Banner (displayed as Space “Top”),
a Rectangle (displayed as Space “Centre”) and a Skyscraper (displayed as Space “Right”).
However, the Media also has some pages which do not contain the Rectangle ad.

Two different Page Layout Templates should then be created:

Standard >>> Space = Top; Centre; Right
Other >>> Space = Top; RightPage Layouts are used by Fusion to accurately forecast ad inventory for mediaZones whilst providing the flexibility of having
different Page Layouts for any given mediaZone.

Example: On the football section of a site, there are 2 different type of pages, there is the section home page and the article pages.
Both of these types are football however the section home page uses
the layout =”Standard” template (Big Banner, Rectangle and Skyscraper)
but the article pages use the layout=”Other” template (Big Banner and Skyscraper).

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