There are three types of booking items used in Fusion: proposals, quotations and orders. Before a new booking item is created, it is good practice to verify that the booking item doesn’t already exist in the system. Use the Global Seeker to search for booking items


  • A Proposal is a new order that has been created, is not validated and does not have reserved inventory.
  • A Quotation is a new order that has been issued, is not validated and has reserved inventory.
  • An Order is a quotation that has been validated and has reserved inventory.

Creating a new proposal

  1. Search a company using the Global Seeker. If the company is not found then it has to be created. Please read Creating a new contact.
  2. Click the company name to open the Search Summary dialog box and then click Create Quotation  or click New Order in the Quick Launch menu.



This action will open the new order panel and the display the order fields: <Advertiser>, <Campaign Name>, <Agency> and <Contact>.


  1. Select the order fields <Advertiser>, <Campaign Name>, <Agency> and <Contact> and enter appropriate information.

Note: If the Search Summary quick launch is used the advertiser name field will automatically be filled with the current company name.

Tip: Finding a standardized way of naming orders can be a powerful tool in administering and evaluating orders. The exact formatting will naturally vary from company to company and reflect the different business requirements that apply.

If any of the proposal values: Validity, Terms, Page Cap, Currency or ExternalOrderID should be changed then do the following, otherwise continue to Selecting media for a proposal or to step 5.

  1. Locate the Settings heading and select the various order drop-downs and fields and enter appropriate information.

Note: If the Page Cap check box is selected it will be active for the entire order and all the order items/campaigns in the order.

If the proposal is not going to be completed right away it is possible to save the proposal without creating campaigns, reserve inventory or adding creative units.

  1. Click Save and Close .

Note: This will close the Proposal panel. If campaigns are to be added then view Selecting media for a proposal without saving and closing the proposal.

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