Forecast reports are used to check the available inventory for you site.

How is forecast calculated?

The inventory is calculated with the layouts present on the site. The layout contain information about the products and spaces. When a call is made to the layout, Fusion then stores that information. When several weeks has passed Fusion will have enough information to determine how much inventory will be available.

Five weeks is set as standard but takes mostly the previous week into account. So the formula looks somethinglike this:

  • 5 weeks ago by 5%
  • 4 weeks ago by 10%
  • 3 weeks ago by 15%
  • 2 weeks ago by 30%
  • previous week by 40%

Where can I find the forecast information?

Forecast information can be found in the reports panel as well as in the heat map.

Reports Panel: (Reports>Media>Category/Zone Forecast)




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