A media category is a way of grouping different media, zones and leaves so that they behave like one media product. This can be very useful when creating ad packages for a site or other advertising carrying entities. For example, if a site contains 20 main sections and traffic analysis shows that on 5 of these sections the visitors are mainly young people then a media category can be created for these sections. The media category will contain the total available inventory and it will be listed as a product in the Heatmap.

How do I add a media category?

  1. Go to Product and Media Administration in the Quick Launch menu.
  2. Click the Products/Agreements/Financial tab.
  3. Click the Media Categories and the Media Category Tree tabs.
  4. Click Add Category and enter a Media category name into the Name field.
  5. Click Save .

Tip: To create a hierarchy of categories click Add Category.

  1. Click the Media Administration tab and select a zone or a leaf from the media tree.
  2. Click the Categories tab and then click Add .
  3. Enter the name of the Media category created in step 4 and press the Tab key.
  4. Click Save .

Note: A zone or leaf can be connected to several media categories. In order to make multiple connections click Add and repeat the steps 9 – 10 above.

  1. Click the Products/Agreements/Financial, the Media Categories and the Media Category Products tabs.
  2. Click Add Product .
  3. Locate the Layouts heading and enter the name of a product to be connected.
  4. Select a priority, for example 97 from the Priority drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the name of the Media category created in step 4 and press the Tab key.

Note: Even though the heading is named Layouts it is a product that is being selected and connected. If the product should have an unique name it needs to be created first in the very same way as regular products. Please read the section: Adding products, spaces and product layouts for more information.

  1. Select a pricing type from the Pricelist on the right-side of the workspace for example CPM.
  2. In the CPM field enter the CPM price then press the Tab key.
  3. In order to add more products with the same priority click Add Products and repeat steps 13 – 18 above.

Tip: You can connect products using a different priority level depending on what is required.

  1. Click Save .

The new media category has now been created and should be visible in the Heatmap.

Viewing a media categeory

  1. Select a proposal or quotation using the Global seeker or from the Scorecard.
  2. Double-click the proposal or quotation to open it.
  3. Click the Media category tab in the Media Selector panel.
  4. Select the media category and then select the Inventory (Heatmap) panel by moving the cursor towards the bottom of the workspace.
  5. Review the Product list of the selected Media category.

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