A layout must be associated with at least one leaf in order for the Inventory Heatmap to list the available products associated to it. This is because the leaf holds the inventory counters of a Zone or Media. In addition to having a connected Layout, at least one product must be priced in order for available products to be listed in the Inventory Heatmap. The pricing is done at leaf level in the Media Zone.


A new Media Zone does not have any statistics to use for making impression forecasts and Fusion needs approximately five weeks of traffic statistics to be able to make accurate forecasts. In the early stages of an implementation, prior to the availability of the inventory forecast, you can manually set impressions at leaf level which will override the system’s forecast. These settings are modified at leaf level as this is where the inventory counters are held.

Adding a media layout to a leaf

For a product to be listed in the Inventory Heatmap, it must have a layout connected to it, have impressions allocated and the product must be priced.

  1. Click Administration in the Quick Launch menu.

  1. Select a Leaf from the media tree and then click the Media zone leaf layouts tab.

  1. Locate the Available Layouts heading and the desired Layout.
  2. Click Add .

This action will add the Layout to the current Leaf and fill the Added Layouts area.

  1. Click Save .

Adding products, priority and pricing to a leaf

The priority setting determines the impression delivery priority among leaves. The priority values ranges from 1 till 12 and the general rule of thumb concerning priorities is the following:


  • 9 – for Leaf level
  • 7 – for Zone level campaigns
  • 5 – for ROS campaigns
  • 1 – lowest priority used for filler campaigns
  • 12 – highest priority


  1. Click the Products tab.


  1. Verify that the Currency setting in the Change Currency drop-down menu is correct.
  2. Click the Product/priority to use in Fusion heading in order to expand the priority list and then check the 9 check-box for the corresponding product or products.

This will add the product to the Prices per product as well as add them to the leaf currently being priced.

  1. Locate the product  and select a pricing type from Prices per product for example CPM.
  2. In the CPM field enter the CPM price then press the Tab key.
  3. Click Save .


Note: Setting a price is necessary for the product to be listed in the Inventory panel. By repeating the steps above, the appropriate number of products can be associated to the currently selected Leaf.


  1. Navigate away from the Products panel and re-select the Products tab.
  2. Verify that the Product/priority to use in Fusion and Prices per product settings are correct and have been saved properly.


Note: Using the Tab key to navigate among table fields is in some cases necessary in order for the field changes to have effect after saving. It is good practice to always verify the status of recently made settings and updates.


Setting ad impressions

  1. Click the MediaZoneLeafInformation tab.



  1. Locate the Impressions heading and enter appropriate values per day.


Note: The impression value set has a 1:1 relation, that is, if 1 000 000 per day is desired then 1000000 is entered.

  1. Click Save .
  2. Click Synchronize Media in lower-left corner of the workspace to update the media tree.


Tip: If a newly added product or its impressions are not listed properly in the Inventory panel, then please verify that the settings for Pricing, Impressions and Curve Templates are valid.



Viewing distribution curve template values

A distribution curve template is used to control the forecast impression distribution,  and since a newly created Media Zone lacks the relevant statistics, it is not possible to use automatically calculated average values, as there is no data for Fusion to reference in order to perform the calculation. Therefore, it is good to remember that impression values must be set manually whenever a new Media Zone is created. Adtoma Fusion needs approximately five weeks’ worth of statistical data in order to make an accurate forecast.


To learn more about how the inventory forecast calculations are made please read: Inventory manager.


  1. Click the CurveTemplates tab.


  1. View the default distribution curve template settings for a newly priced leaf.


Note: It is normally not necessary to make manual changes to the default curve templates for a newly created or priced leaf.

Adding categories


  1. Click the Categories tab



  1. Click Add .
  2. Enter a Category name into the <TypeCategory>field.
  3. Click Save . 

Adding financial projects


  1. Click the Financial tab



  1. Enter an Accounting Project name into the <Project> field.
  2. Click Save .

Setting budget


  1. Click the MediaZoneLeafInformation tab
  2. Locate the Budget heading and enter appropriate values per day.
  3. Click Save .
  4. Click Synchronize Media in lower-left corner of the workspace to update the media tree.


Read the Key concepts in Adtoma Fusion section to get more information on the key concepts in Adtoma Fusion.

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